The lift got no credit, and a string of dash marks on the scorecard, because one full rotation was not completed before the lift started to come down. His arms "broke" and even if he were to correct and push it up again, the lift is considered "over" when the first break occurs. This is IMHO, something that needs to be fixed in the system. A corrected press all the way up with a hitch should still count as completed and receive negative GOE. This is a subject for another time.

The first thing I thought when I saw K/S was, "She's been eating." She looks better than previously. Then I noticed the remarkable resemblance to Berezhnaya in the way she moves and stretches. He looks very much influenced by Dmitriev in the SP and Moskvina's ideas in the LP. The program is filled with shapes Moskvina has drawn into her pair book over the years and is seemless, sweet and lovely.

I think this program is a masterpiece of choreography that other Moskvina studients wished they could have. Yuka's "disconnect" is the same distant, cool beauty we saw from Elena B. and Natalia M. before her and seems similar to a dancer's disposition more than anything else. It's a performance and she never lets her guard down. It seems her personality is like others before her - shy and reserved.