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I found this out by accident on TVGuide.com when searching the listings for figure skating on TV this weekend. For those that have access to TV Japan (Channel 245 on Comcast Digital Cable in San Francisco), they will be showing the NHK Trophy this weekend. I'm sure the commentary will be in Japanese, but at least you can watch the skating. Here is the schedule:

Fri 11/28, 12:20 PM-1:35 PM
Fri 11/28, 5:45 PM-6:50 PM
Sat 11/29, 4:55 AM-6:00 AM
Sat 11/29, 11:55 AM-1:05 PM
Sun 11/30, 11:55 AM-1:45 PM (?)

Of course, the schedule could change and you may end up watching a Japanese game show

Herm (sk8ngnutt)