Zoltan: I liked him. He's got some expressivity and I thought there were moments in the program quite cannily choreographed.

Chaffik: Worried about the lp given how tired he seemed by the end, but that was some debut. I love the diversity of the French team (*I know)

Peter: Really liked that. Sucker for the blues.

Anton: Not good. Interesting to go from one program that displays a keen understanding and respect for the foreign idiom it's using (blues) to one that doesn't (ragtime). Least favourite program thus far

Nan: Music was a little too big for him, I thought, but he acquitted himself admirably. Requiem for a Dream works only if you're able to capture the relentless, overpowering intensity - Cappellini/Lanotte managed to, but even great skates to it (Verner in 2007) aren't really well matched to the music. Interesting nonetheless.

I thought the first group was quite good. Liebers had the best program, Besseghier the best performance.

Florent: Looked surprisingly nervous with Morosov . But this is clearly his "Star is Born" year. Not a great program, but he skated it superbly. He might be one of the few skaters currently competing that can convey rage on the ice.

Kevin: He's such a timid skater. Like his improvements, needs more before I'll really enjoy him. I also presume something was DGed because he took an eleven point hit on TES as compared to SC.

Brandon: Another timid skater. Also boring program.

Takahiko: Eh, not nearly as good as last year's SP. It's all right.

Brian: If he was as good as he is physically attractive, he'd be one for the all time lists. Such as it is, I gotta give him props for stretching himself this season and for working his butt off to keep the theme going throughout even when he was struggling with the elements. I hope that Florent repeats as national champion again, but I also would like to see this program at Worlds, so hopefully he's there.

Overall, my favourite program was still Liebers.