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Thread: Ladies - Short Program- Fri. Nov. 26: 12:45 pm EST

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    Ladies - Short Program- Fri. Nov. 26: 12:45 pm EST

    Warm-Up Group 1
    1 Candice DIDIER FRA
    2 Sonia LAFUENTE ESP
    4 Mae Berenice MEITE FRA
    5 Fumie SUGURI JPN
    6 Sarah HECKEN GER

    Warm-Up Group 2
    7 Haruka IMAI JPN
    8 Mirai NAGASU USA
    9 Alissa CZISNY USA
    10 Cynthia PHANEUF CAN
    11 Kiira KORPI FIN
    12 Mao ASADA JPN

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    Everyone you want to watch is in the last group. Who could falter and let Fumie into that last LP group? or is she too past her prime to even consider it? Mao can win this and ruin at least one from the Final among Nagasu, Phaneuf and Korpi. Czisny needs to podium to get in Tie with the others. This is for me an exciting event.

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    The last group will be interesting. A couple of years ago I would have said Mao will blow the field away, not sure know. I think Mao is the best skater
    in this group but she has had tech problems because of the reworking of her jumps. If she has an outing like she did at NHK, I believe that either Czisny or Korpi are
    the front runners here. I am not familiar with Haruka of Japan so I am not sure how she will fit into the equation. Mirai has the capabilities and talent to win
    but IMO she is a long shot.

    Anyway, Good Luck to all of the Ladies tomorrow!!

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    Haruka Imai is quite a consistent skater. She'll be in the Top 5, and if the top skaters struggle, watch her squeeze right in. I actually prefer Imai to Kanako Murakami for some reason.

    I was really impressed with Mae Berenice MEITE a few weeks back. She reminds me of a Andrea Gardiner meet Surya Bonaly. It's refreshing to finally see a French Lady Skater who can jump again. Ahhh.... I miss the 90's when the French Ladies were supreme with Hubert, Bonaly, and Gusmeroli....

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    Quote Originally Posted by TtonyV7 View Post
    I actually prefer Imai to Kanako Murakami for some reason.
    As do I, she reminds me of a young Yukari Nakano.

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    Not too excited. SC was a pleasant surprise, but Alissa has not been able to put together two decent competitions back to back. Mirai, apparently, is still clunky, but she should be more polished than COC & this time free of Zayak cancellation. Mao's 3As from the NHK practices forbode disaster (bad UR, two-footed, wavering axis), but they seemed much better in the one practice clip I saw. What's nagging me is that wonky flip, which is her lifeline in times of 3A inconsistency. Expect much better performances from her too. All three are hard to predict based on just hearsay & a short practice clip since practice quality doesn't necessarily equate to results, esp. in their cases.

    But I'll go out on a limb & say (1) Mao (2) Mirai (3) Alissa, all three not at their best.

    I have not heard anything about the other skaters, though. Cynthia & Kiira could definitely be upsets. The top three ladies I've mentioned can either rock it or bomb it. Go figure.

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