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Mao forsook a full aresnal of triples and huge GOE during the season she needed them most, although the established rules made the advantage obvious. She was about to fix her flutz (didn't get a call on her lutz at Worlds 09) & claimed the 3S was an easy jump she avoids as a matter of preference. Their omission, then, must have been guided by her own will, not ISU slamming new rules into her face from behind. GOE was always what it was. No rule changes up till 2010. It's just that her jumps lost the quality & consistency to garner huge points. Edge calls and UR? I wouldn't say Mao was "blindsided" since other skaters knew early enough to start fixing their technique during the off season before 07-08, something Mao opted out of. Again, a matter of choice.

I also don't see how Mao bombing because she tried to bite more than she could chew a single season is related to ISU's rule changes since the new rules would reward her 3A-centric layout handsomely. The rule changes give little incentive to go for a spectacular 3S instead of a lousy 3A.

Mao was never cheated by the ISU. She's making all these sudden changes because her goal is Sochi gold & the Russian phenoms are growing to be heavy, 7-triple, GOE-garnering threats (and there's so much talent that at least one will break through). This season will be difficult, but it's something she's enduring because she has a clear goal & the determination to push through. Enough with all this ISU-attacking-innocent-skaters prattle. It really annoys me (those stupid Youtube clips )

And you annoy me by trying to tell me how to post. Enough of nothing, as I will continue to post my honest thoughts on here whether you like it or not. That's what a message board is after all, a collection of peoples' opinions.

And on that score I hold firm with my opinion of the ISU and how it has negatively affected Mao Asada (& the same goes for Kimmie Meissner).

Yet my hat is off to Mao for choosing to re-work technique issues when she could've easily & simply won everything in sight with her old technique. But honor & doing it correctly seems to be her motto, which impresses me greatly. In fact her personality, humility, and calm aura have always impressed me, especially last season. She truly is a role model for her country, and for other skaters in general. I just hope it all works out in the end.

***Note: and it doesn't hurt that her entire approach to her skating, Mr. Sato, et al, brings to mind the lead character in the book "Dreams of Gold" by Maynard F. Thomson. I think I'll read it again for the 1,000th time because it reminds me so much of Mao (crossing my fingers that the ending will mirror Mao's in the future). ***

Btw, as far as the Russian prodigies go, I put them in the same category as all the pretenders to Michelle Kwan when she was skating. Every season it was this or that newbie was going to knock her off ~ Sasha Cohen, Naomi Nari Nam, Jennifer Kirk, Ann Patrice McDonough, and the list goes on & on & on ad infinitum ~ literally. Potential means nothing unless one can bring it on when it counts the most. It doesn't mean it couldn't happen, but I choose not to drink all the kool-aid (same goes for the ISU).