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Thread: TEB Free Dance Virtual Program and Preview: Sat. Nov 27, 2:40 PM EST

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    TEB Free Dance Virtual Program and Preview: Sat. Nov 27, 2:40 PM EST

    Of course, Pechalat and Bourzat will win this competition, as they enter the free dance with a comfortable lead. The most interesting question with respect to their score will be whether their total score on the GP gives them the number one ranking over Davis & White for start order at the Grand Prix Final.

    Chock and Zuerlein's bid for the GPF is in jeopardy as they enter the free dance over 2 points behind Riazanova and Tkachenko. However, R&T's Mexico FD is not a particularly interesting one, and they received lower scores for it at Skate America than C&Z did for their Caberet program at Skate Canada. The Russian team showed more speed in the FD, but C&Z's lifts are superior. There is only one lift in the SD, and four in the FD, so look to see the American's technical score be at least equal to the Russians there. The Russians will probably have slightly higher PCS. I'm very excited to see how it turns out.

    I am also hoping that Cannuscio & Lorello's FD shows as much improvement as their SD did since Cup of China.

    Statistics for previous Free Dances:

    Davis & White NHK 98.24/Skate America 93.06
    Pechalat & Bourzat Cup of China 95.47
    Bobrova & Soloviev Cup of Russia 93.53/Cup of China 89.54
    Crone & Poirier Skate Canada 91.47/ Skate America 88.67
    Shibutani & Shibutani Skate America 88.35/NHK 83.25
    Paul & Islam Skate Canada 87.61
    Ilinykh & Katsalapov Cup of Russia 85.65/NHK 78.16
    Chock & Zuerlein Skate Canada 84.86
    Hoffman & Zavozin Cup of Russia 84.85/Cup of China 78.13
    Weaver & Poje Skate America 82.86/NHK 82.88
    Faiella & Scali Cup of China 82.31
    Riazanova & Tkachenko Skate America 81.62
    Carron & Jones Skate Canada 81.60
    Huang & Zheng Cup of China 74.90
    Ralph & Hill Cup of China 71.41
    Cannuscio & Lorello Cup of China 63.94
    Turoczi & Major NHK 54.72

    Dora Turoczi & Balazs Major HUN
    They were last in the SD.
    8 Dora TUROCZI / Balazs MAJOR HUN 41.27 23.42 18.85 4.79 4.67 4.54 4.83 4.71 1.00 #1
    amd I can't say that I think Be Italian is all that appropriate for such a young looking team.
    FD Be Italian by Fergie 10th at NHK 54.72

    At NHK every element was negative or 0 in GOE

    Base 32.00
    TES 30.47
    PCS 25.25
    Total 54.72

    Xintong Huang & Xun Zheng CHN

    were shocked to be finishing 7th in the SD, behind 2 teams they had bested at Cup of China. Again, the problem was a relatively low technical score.
    7 Xintong HUANG / Xun ZHENG CHN 49.55 25.50 24.05 6.17 5.79 6.00 6.13 5.96 0.00 #6

    FD Singin in the Rain
    FD 6th at CoC 74.90
    STw4 quite good
    MiSt2 weak
    Base 36.00
    TES 38.14
    PCS 36.76
    Total 74.90

    Kharis Ralph & Asher Hill CANfinished sixth in the SD, behind Cannuscio and Lorello.
    For those who wondered, they are wearing the same costumes they wore at Cup of China.
    6 Kharis RALPH / Asher HILL CAN 50.50 28.51 21.99 5.58 5.29 5.42 5.58 5.58 0.00 #4

    FD Summertime 7th at CoC 71.41
    DiSt2 weak
    RRoli4 (LONG LIFT)
    STw4 good

    Base 34.00
    TES 36.44
    PCS 34.97
    Total 71.41

    Isabelle Cannuscio & Ian Lorello USA
    They showed huge improvement, especially in the technical score, in the short dance vs their performance at Cup of China, finishing fifth.
    5 Isabella CANNUSCIO / Ian LORELLO USA 52.19 31.17 21.02 5.29 5.04 5.33 5.25 5.33 0.00 #2

    I hope we will see the same improvement in the free dance.
    FD West Side Story 10th at CoC 63.94
    CuLi4 pretty good
    RoLi4 not so good

    Base 34.00
    FD 34.43
    PCS 29.06
    Total 63.94

    Pernelle Carron & Lloyd Jones FRA
    Finished fourth in the SD, primarily due to a low technical score, only narrowly ahead of Cannuscio & Lorello.
    4 Pernelle CARRON / Lloyd JONES FRA 53.36 27.42 25.94 6.50 6.38 6.38 6.67 6.46 0.00 #5
    Their FD is a peculair Flamenco set to the Rolling Stones. I don't expect them to move up with this questionable vehicle.

    FD Paint it Black and Angie 5th at SC 81.60
    StaLi4 very good
    CuLi4+RoLi4 very good

    Base 37.00
    TES 41.52
    PCS 40.08
    Total 81.60

    Madison Chock & Greg Zuerlein USAfinished third in the SD with a very nice performance to Edith Piaf songs. They did not have the speed that Riazanova & Tkachenko did, and so are over 2 points behind them, going into the free dance. However, Chock & Zuerlein's Free Dance to Caberet is the stronger of their two programs, while Riazanova & Tkachenko's Mexico program is the weaker of their two segments. It should be an exciting free dance competition, with a Grand Prix Final berth for Chock & Zuerlein if they prevail.

    3 Madison CHOCK / Greg ZUERLEIN USA 58.09 31.41 26.68 6.63 6.46 6.75 6.67 6.79 0.00 #7

    FD Caberet: Money & Life is a Caberet 4th in FD at SC 84.86
    STw4 very good
    SlLi4 very good
    CuLi4 very good
    Base 38.50
    TES 44.27
    PCS 40.59
    Total 84.86

    Ekaterina Riazanova & Ilia Tkachenko RUSThey finished second in the SD with a really lovely waltz to Snowstorm.
    2 Ekaterina RIAZANOVA / Ilia TKACHENKO RUS 60.81 32.09 28.72 7.25 7.04 7.21 7.21 7.17 0.00 #3

    Although I really like their SD, I can't say the same for their FD.
    FD Mexico 5th at Skate America 81.62
    DiSt3 quite nice
    RRoLi3 Long Lift good
    Total 35.50
    TES 40.53
    PCS 41.09
    Total 81.62

    Nathalie Pechalat & Fabian Bourzat FRA
    From SD, 1st Place
    1 Nathalie PECHALAT / Fabian BOURZAT FRA 65.48 33.24 32.24 8.04 7.83 8.04 8.21 8.13 0.00

    They worked with a mime on their expression for this Charlie Chaplin program (Chaplin's style was based in mime & vaudeville, so this is an inspired choice).

    FD Charlie Chaplin 1st NHK 95.47
    CuLi4 really really good
    DiSt3 very good
    CoSp4 weakest element, but still good
    Base 40.50
    TES 46.92
    PCS 48.55
    Total 95.47
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    Just checked in the partial results and see Ralph / Hill scored quite low. What the hek did they do?

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    As to R&H, they scored about the same as at CoC. They got called for weak edges on the steps there (her, I suppose)

    Warm up Group 1
    Dora Turoczi & Balazs Major HUN

    FD Be Italian by Fergie 10th at NHK 54.72

    At NHK every element was negative or 0 in GOE

    I thought this was better.
    However, their skating is quite slow.
    The twizzles were quite good.
    The spin was very slow in the reverse direction.

    TES 33.50
    PCS 29.26
    Total 62.76

    Quite an improvement-however whole competition seems to be a bit high scored.

    Xintong Huang & Xun Zheng CHN
    He's in a button down shirt with sleeves up and a collegiate looking knit
    sweater vest and grey pants
    She's in a pretty pastel pink dres with lots of trailing rag pieces

    FD Singin in the Rain
    FD 6th at CoC 74.90

    Twizzles 4 quite good 3 sets
    RoLift 1 this still didn't work well she hangs up on his neck

    Step sequences missing edges weak (tap dance music)
    Curved lift was nice

    TES 38.08
    PCS 35.47
    Total 73.55
    Not quite as good as CoC

    Kharis Ralph & Asher Hill CAN
    She's in a pretty white cocktail type dress
    He's in an open transparent white shirt with a wife beater T shirt
    and chino pants with a belt

    FD African themed version of Summertime 7th at CoC 71.41
    Spin nice quick change to reverse on the spin
    Diagonal Step should be at least lev 2
    Reverse Rotational Lift (LONG LIFT) Lev 3 I think nice and light though
    Twizzles 4 good
    strange shift to African music
    Stationary Lift quite nice, I think
    Circular Step legline needs a little work
    there are some weak edges still in here
    Straight Line Lift still a bit awkward but should get the level

    TEB audience is giving them a good reception, I think
    Can't say I like the floppy shirt look

    TES 36.67
    PCS 34.22
    Total 70.89
    Behind the Chinese

    Isabelle Cannuscio & Ian Lorello USA
    She's in a bright red skirt with Latin ruffles, spaghetti straps
    and short red gloves (not sure why the gloves?)
    He's in grey pants and a shiny red shirt
    FD West Side Story 10th at CoC 63.94
    trip in the beginning by him
    ComboSpin4 good speed in the spin in both directions
    Curved lift had a noticeable bobble
    Straight line was good
    Twizzles 4 They did Russian one foot twizzles and jumped into them
    Circular Step 2
    Rotational Lift 4 better than at CoC
    DiStep they could use better edges
    Good energy here at the end
    RoLi4 (Better than CoC)

    Lots of nervous bobbles to start, better at the end
    Faster than CoC
    Probably behind Ralph & Hill in the FD.
    TES 32.92
    PCS 32.49
    Total 64.41 SB, but
    Into 3rd, behind R&H

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    Love it, love P/B program!!

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    Warm Up Group 2

    Pernelle Carron & Lloyd Jones FRA
    Bolero jackets are gone!!!
    black pants with a black diagonal ruffly strip across his red shirt
    She has a red turtleneck dress and a Black diagonal ruffle stripe

    FD Flamenco skated to Paint it Black and Angie by the stones 5th at SC 81.60
    Total 81.60 at Skate Canada
    StaLi4 very good maybe a rot. short?
    funny flamenco arms
    Circular Step 3 still, I think
    Spin to Angie pretty good
    Curve Lift 4+Rotational Lifti4 very good
    He falls hard in the transition
    STw4 his a bit lacking (shook up?)
    Midline step in hold this seems a bit out of gas slow
    Rotational Lift instead of curve lift

    Should score better than at Sc, just for getting rid of the silly
    bolero jackets
    TES 35.92
    PCS 28.66
    Total 73.58 (OUCH)

    Madison Chock & Greg Zuerlein
    He's the Master of Ceremonies in Purple and eye makeup
    Her hair is strange

    FD Caberet: Money & Life is a Caberet 4th in FD at SC 84.86
    Twizzles OK careful and a little off
    Circular step better than Skate Canada
    Money make the world go round
    Sp4 very good indeed no pocket action
    She gets dragged around and I think it is NOT intentional
    SlLi4 very good
    CuLi4 really nice
    RoLi4 in time to music
    Life is a Caberet
    Midline Step good expression
    Rotational lift nice & fast

    Some slipups. Good character throughout.
    not sure how it scores, but should stay in third, at least
    TES 41.26
    PCS 40.13
    -1 for her butt hitting the ice
    Total 80.39
    Into first so they do medal

    Ekaterina Riazanova & Ilia Tkachenko RUS
    Same outfits as SA
    FD Mexico 5th at Skate America 81.62
    They should easily take the lead if they skate well

    DiSt3 quite nice
    CuLi4 kind of rough
    Reverse rotational lift Long Lift good
    Twizzles good
    Spin not so hot; slow and her skirt gets caught in her skate
    Stationary lift ok
    CiSt2 Lose track of each other a bit in the step and have to
    work to get back together
    This music does not suggest Mexico but.
    Now they just have to finish
    Should beat C&Z no trouble.

    TES 41.44
    PCS 44.54
    Total 85.98 SB

    Into first (they'll get the silver)

    Nathalie Pechalat & Fabian Bourzat FRA
    same outfits as China

    FD Charlie Chaplin 1st NHK 95.47

    Lot of mime stuff before starting
    Holds a bit wide open but steps very smooth
    twizzles ok a bit off synch but no big deal
    lift a bit ragged

    their expression is very nice & good Chaplin character
    very nice complex lift started from a kind of cartwheely entry
    with many changes of positions
    spin her pos a tad weak in 2nd section but the 3 direction has good speed

    really very nice and by far the class of the field here, of coruse
    not sure if it was better than China (for me not, but pretty close, but watching
    on icenetwork doesn't help you judge very well)

    TES 46.09
    PCS 50.25
    Total 96.34 new SB
    And they win the gold

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    Thanks Doris, great PBP

    I'm in love with the Chaplin's FD. Nathalie & Fabian did a really good job. And they are so close to Davis & White

    I like Riazanova & Tkachenko They could beat Elena & Nikita at Rus Nats...

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    Yes, I think they could. But not with that rather Mexico program. It just makes no sense, choreographically or musically. In fact if they had called it Portugal rather than Mexico, it would elicit exactly the same response from me.

    They are very good skaters and deserve a better FD, I think.

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