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Thread: THANKSGIVING Predictions for TEB (must read)

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    you very explicitly point out that the women skaters are cooking, dish by dish, but it's unclear that the men are also cooking. only kozuka is said to be using alcohol to mask his lack of cooking talent. i would have given 5 stars if you had said, well, amodio grew up in ____ region of france whose cuisine is notable for ____ and so and so is likely to be featured as a side dish. never mind that the french don't celebrate thanksgiving-- i would have awarded high PCS to an egalitarian treatment of the men and women skaters, that is all.

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    Yes I mixed metaphors in the Men's section. I couldn't think of enough cooking ideas that felt completely unique, so I described some of the Men with eating habits and/or food preparation.

    If I do writeups for Dance the scenarios will be who threw the most successful Thanksgiving parties.

    Pairs is too boring to get a segment.

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    A cute way to make predictions. I loved Florent Amodio's description!

    It's sweet that you seem to have a lot of confidence in Joubert, who for the last season and a half, seems to be lacking some confidence in himself. I'd like to see him do well, but my doubts have been tempering my expectations of him.

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