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I didn't say "Kozuka won't make", just said Hanyu is the better choice in the long perspective. Looks like the Europeans and the Canadians could agree on one thing. Kozuka is "better than Hanyu" to deal with. Everyone can agree, Hanyu's immense talents can't be compared with 21 y.o. man who still can't land a clean quad over two years.
You must be really hating Kozuka for some reason which is unknown for me, but you start to become ridiculous with your statements.
Kozuka just skated the program of th e whole season and you keep on mumbling non sense.

In the long run, Kozuka is a better choice then either Daisuke who will retire in one year or two and Oda who keeps on failing to have a breakthrough. And Hanyu is too early to call, he is an inconsistent skater for now.