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There is no point to argue with you here,because I see what you invested in him, but aside jumps, Plushy in his technique is a mediocre spinner and his footowrk is basic, crossovers to generate speed. that is why i am not even thinking to watch any uoutube video replays with hgis programs. As far as passion is concerned, his rival Yagudin was eating him for lunch, thank you very much.
So, I made myself cler, if I want to see some good old stuff, i will watch anyday Yagudin, but not Plushy.
Seems some people will never get rid of the Yagudin cliches. Sometimes I wonder myself who are people talking about, because Yagudin I´ve watched for so many years was nothing like people started to describe him after he retired. My favourite skater become an overhyped legend who people use in order to attack other skaters, it´s so sad...