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Actually, the debate about whether falls and other technical mistakes should negatively affect program component scores is quite interesting.

The criticism used to be the opposite of what we are hearing now. When the CoP first came out everyone complained that the PCSs just tracked the tech scores. If you landed a quad, your component scores automatically went up across the board.

Now the judges seem to be taking greater care with the component scores. What I would really like to see is a larger spread among the five scores. Lots of Transitions does not necessarily mean outstanding Choreography, for instance.
In my opinion there should be a balance between technical content and PCS. There are at least 2 PC that are closely related to the technical execution. For me, if a person makes technical errors, for example, they are not showing good skating skills to me. So the question would be "Skater A is known for having overall good skating skills. If Skater A makes errors in jumps, spins, steps, etc., should the Skating Skills score be in accordance to what we see in that particular performance, or should Skater A be judge on the knowledge of their overall skating skills?"