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I think that most people thought Mirai should have won big. Mirai's mistakes (except for the bad spin) were things like edge calls and under-rotations that the average viewer can't see. Whereas both Alissa and Kira had bad falls and obvious botched jumps.
After Mirai's botched spin, which was just weird and very visible, she seemed visibly upset and it took away from the performance. And edge calls and URs... well, I'm not suprised she didn't get a very high score. Unlike others, I think I really like this choreography but it's hard to know because Mirai has yet to sell it like we know she can. I wish she would go back to her other geisha costume. It looked so cute on her.

I have yet to see Kiira's LP or Alissa's LP so I can't really jump into the bickering like I'm dying to do. Anyone know of any clips?


Congratulations to Kiira for her gold! Too bad she didn't do with a perfect program but still. Is this her first international senior competition win? I did watch her SP and I think she is a wonderfully expressive and lyrical skater and there something to be said for selling your programs, which Mirai didn't do.

Congratulations to Mirai for her first senior competition medal. (Honestly, I can't believe I just typed that. It seems so bizarre that Mirai hadn't medaled before this.)

I give Mirai credit for landing all her jumps after her botched spin - when it seemed like she was just going lose mojo. Here is what I think: Mirai clearly is behind on training and isn't back up speed. But I see no reason to believe she can't work out her speed/spin kinks before nationals. Fingers crossed anyway. On the other hand, she stayed on her feet, which I think speaks to her strength and Frank's training style. I'm optimistic. (I hope Frank isn't TOO hard on her after this competition.)

Congratulations to Alissa for making it to finals!! It's so great to see because she stayed in the game this season to prove (to herself) that she can't be counted out and she is doing that. I sincerely hope she does well at finals. She so needs it.

It's a bummer that she still hasn't had a clean competition. But I am just so amused at all the people who are surprised to see both Mirai and Alissa on this podium. What-ever. With Mao out of the picture, Mirai and Alissa totally had in them to medal and even win.

I think it's a bit disappointing that one of them couldn't pull off a win in this field but you know, not everyone can be Kim Yuna or Michelle Kwan, and dominate competition after competition. I love watching both of them and I'm happy for them and their medals.