Everyone's feeling that the tech committee here for dance was rather easy on people looks like it was correct.

Up till this point, no team on the GP has gotten level 4 for both Golden Waltz segments.

Here, the following teams scored Level 4 in both segments:
Pechalat and Bourzat
Chock and Zuerlein
Cannuscio and Lorello

Ralph and Hill got level 4/Level 3
Carron and Jones got Level 4/Level 3
Riazanova/Tkachenko got Level 3/Level3
Turoczi/Major got Level 3/Level2
Huang/Zheng got Level 2/Level3

Needless to say, this is not the way it went on previous GP events. T&M for example got level 1 on both segments at NHK. C&L got both level 1's at CoC.
Pechalat / Bourzat got Level 4/ Level2 there.

Granted skaters improve, but that seems like a significant difference between panels.