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Fact:There is a big difference in points between a 4T and 3T as a quad is extremely difficult to do while 3T is the lowest ranked triple. Sussessful 4Ts are done by only a handful of skaters whereas any advanced skater can do 3Ts, which are often easily tacked on another jump at will to make a jump combo. Do you accept this fact?

A 4T under rotated by 1/2 turn is classified as 3T, maybe a little over-rotated, but not a 4T. Agree?

-1 or -2 GOE for stepping out or hand down, and -3 GOE plus 1 point deduction for falling (-4 total), agree?

Thus a fall on a fully rotated 4T is higher in skills and points than a stepped out 3T. Only a handful of skaters can fully rotate a quad, falling or not, whereas nobody falls on a 3T in a major competition. The difference in difficulty levels of a 3T and a 4T is just that huge. However, falling on a fully rotated triple is not rewarding or worth more than a successful double in most cases.

Staying on their feet may be prettier but is quite easy to accomplish - do easy stuff and avoid riskier harder elements. If you think staying on their feet is of foremost importance, then watch skating shows. Skating is an Olympic sport and in a competition, skaters compete mostly on their technical skills (~70%), plus presentation (~ 30%).
Thanks! Totally agree! You explained so well!