My Dream Podiums:


1.) Verner - with no Lysacek and no Joubert at the GPF this season, he fills the role of the manly man skater (aka he isn't diminutive and asian or morozov-ified ). Comes in 4th or 5th in the SP but scores are close and then skates a clean FS with the quad and the Chinese crowd goes crazy for his MJ, wins overall.

2.) Kozuka - outskates his Japanese teammates and rightfully places ahead of them. His introvertedness and a few mistakes in the FS keep him from winning, but overall he is great.

3.) Takahashi - makes the same mistakes he has been making all season but still sells his programs for all they are worth. His PCS keep him on the podium.

4.) Oda - he makes a mistake in the SP and then his LP is just really boring. A couple of bobbles/counting errors keeps him off the podium.

5.) Amodio - first trip to the GPF so he's a little nervous and makes some mistakes. That combined with lower PCS keeps him down this far.

6.) Chan - I'm fine with him winning if he skates clean but if he falls 4 times again in this competition he honestly deserves to be in last, especially considering the 5 other men at this event are extremely talented themselves. So I predict he falls 4 times and this time the judges don't let him off so easy.


1.) Murakami - she's the only one who skates clean and isn't sleep inducing. Extra points for perkiness!

2.) Czisny - clean SP and only one jump mistake in the FS, PCS aren't as high as they were in Canada but her scores are strong enough for silver

3.) Ando - she gets a new SP, but it's still not good, and then does a jumping lesson in the FS, but shows no emotion so her PCS are docked accordingly. Ends up 3rd just because of the quality of her jumps but if it weren't for others mistakes she'd finish lower.

4.) Flatt - skates clean but gets issued a few downgrades and that combined with lowish PCS keeps her behind Ando.

5.) Suzuki - you can't pop your jumps and expect to win a medal. She has an off night with her jumps and even her amazing footwork and energy aren't enough to get her on the podium.

6.) Kostner - her novice level content hurts her, and then she has bobbles in the FS. injury is still clearly affecting her so she need not feel too bad about finishing last.