This kicked of today. First competitive outing Maria and Jeromev(M/B) , Tatiana and Max (V/T) are also there. After the short V/T are leading with a masive 72.42 to M/B in second with 56.64.

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New costumes. Full of speed, sky high triple twist, very nice SBS jumps, liked the spins and steps, taught exit from lift was a bit awkward. Both were very happy afterwards, good reaction.

Skating to Secret Garden. Very nice skate, except for Jerome fell on the SBS and the death spiral postion looked a bit awkard again I thought the exit from the life looked awkard.

Roll on the free programme.

Zlobnina and Sotnikov took part in the Ice dance, really liked the performance, got a shock when vocals appear in the music. They may get a little bit lost in the Russian field this year.