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Thread: GPF web and TV coverage worldwide -- post all links/info here

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    GPF web and TV coverage worldwide -- post all links/info here

    Live Internet & TV Coverage in USA for Senior Grand Prix Final:

    Universal Sports and Ice Network LIVE Coverage (ET) Segment

    Friday, Dec. 10
    4:15 a.m. Senior dance short
    5:25 a.m. Senior men's short
    6:30 a.m. Senior ladies' short
    7:35 a.m. Senior pairs short

    Sat., Dec. 11
    3:55 a.m. Senior men's free
    5:10 a.m. Senior ladies' free
    6:20 a.m. Senior dance free
    7:40 a.m. Senior pairs free


    Sunday, December 12
    12:00 noon - 2:00 p.m. Ladies' free skate and Men's free skate + highlights (taped) NBC
    Commentators: Terry Gannon, Scott Hamilton, Tara Lipinski

    Universal Sports TV Time (ET) Segment
    Friday, Dec. 10 4-5:30 p.m. Ladies' short and dance short
    8-9:30 p.m. Men's and pairs short
    Sat., Dec. 11 7-9 p.m. Men's and dance free
    10-11 p.m. Pairs free
    Sun., Dec. 12 4-6 p.m. Re-air of NBC Show

    Note: Junior Grand Prix Final video will be available on-demand (hopefully same day like it was last year on IceNetwork).
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    Live coverage in Canada for Senior Grand Prix Final:


    Live Streaming Schedule (all times Eastern... and live, so obviously the same as the above post...)

    Friday, Dec. 10
    4:15 a.m.: Senior Short Dance
    5:25 a.m.: Senior Men’s Short
    6:30 a.m.: Senior Women’s Short
    7:35 a.m.: Senior Pair Short

    Saturday, Dec. 11
    3:55 a.m.: Senior Men's free
    5:10 a.m.: Senior Women’s Free
    6:20 a.m.: Senior Free Dance
    7:40 a.m.: Senior Pair Free

    As for Canadian TV coverage... nada! *Sigh*. CBC, you're breaking my heart. However, I have a vague recollection that last year they aired something GPF-related very very delayed around Christmas time? CBC is, however, airing TEB this Monday from 1:00-3:00AM, so we will eventually get to hear Kurt's reaction to the one of his favourites finally getting favoured LOL. Anyways, in the mean time, check the American networks

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    Yes, CBC usually does about 2 hours of TV coverage on or around boxing day. It's a pain they push it that far and show so little of it. Hopefully the live stream is good.

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    any other live streams ?

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