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    Quote Originally Posted by evangeline View Post
    Oops, I meant Skate Canada. Here is the video:

    As for ontd_skating, I think they are absolutely hilarious, but (to me at least) they are quite tongue-in-cheek with their humour, sort of like the nicer, less annoying /b/ board of figure skating (except, you know, without all the porn and being nicer and obsessed with figure skating). I mean, it's hard to take their comments about Patrick Chan intentionally bowling Oda and Rippon over seriously when they also joke about having Joubert nudes or how Morozov caused the collisions with his voodoo.

    And even Patrick Chan has his defenders in ontd_skating.
    That's why I find them interesting to observe for their peer conformity. Morozov's sexy voodoo is another on going joke. They are funny, and sweet to one another, even to Patrick's supporters. But the pile on hatred amounts to cyber bullying. Patrick is the chosen one. All very high school.

    A couple of them went to see Patrick practice this summer, all prepared for his much talked about "rape eyes", and got completely starstruck instead. It was hilarious.
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