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    I can't believe the event starts next week!

    Kiri Baga is withdrawn, Zijun Li has taken her place.


    1 Andrei ROGOZINE CAN
    2 Keegan MESSING USA
    3 Joshua FARRIS USA
    4 Han YAN CHN
    5 Max AARON USA
    6 Zhan BUSH RUS
    7 Gordei GORSHKOV RUS
    8 Richard DORNBUSH USA

    I bet we'll see 2 US men on the podium, and Keegan was impressive in Romania so I think he might be the US number 1. I'm not a huge fan of Yan and that's why I have him OTP, I think his programs are a bit bland.


    1 Adelina SOTNIKOVA RUS
    2 Christina GAO USA
    3 Risa SHOJI JPN
    4 Polina SHELEPEN USA
    5 Zijun LI CHN
    6 Yasmin SIRAJ USA
    8 Kristiene GONG USA

    I think the nerves will get to Liza and she bombs and the lutz gives Yasmin trouble and keeps her down that far. Adelina, Christina, Risa, Polina, and Zijun I think will all skate well and at their best I think they would rank in that order. Poor Kristiene is just up against such a deep field.

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    I'm lousy when it comes to following juniors, but I'll give my hunch for the girls. I'm guessing the ladies JGPF will actually be more interesting than its senior counterpart (an expected splat, splat, snooze)

    1) Adelina Stonikova
    If she goes clean or close, she beats most of the senior ladies. Nuff said. I like how she moves her body. She's musical & TAT's choreography fits her well. It also doesn't hurt that I love, love, love Rondo Capriccioso. She should definitely get deductions on her flutz, though. I can't tell too much from those scratchy Youtube videos, so I'll be glad to see a cleaner clip of her skating.

    2) Liza Tuktamysheva
    Great technique, amazing jumps, but a little question mark for consistency. She also suffers from that forced Mishin style & it's not like she has the charisma to pull it off like Plushenko could in his prime. I'd like to see her leave Mishin... but oh well. I wonder when she's bringing that monster 3A.

    3) Christina Gao or Risa Shoji or Zijun Li
    My personal preference is Zijun Li. I really like her style, but my gut feeling says Christina Gao. Her programs are always a little bland & she doesn't have great presence or charisma, but she's only a junior. I ask too much of her.

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    I think the best skaters here are Sotnikova and Siraj. Although Adelina has better technical content, I actually prefer Yasmin's presentation and programs. She has one of my favourite SPs this season. Shoji would be a close 3rd.
    Liza Tuktamysheva has the jumps and is exciting, but her presentation needs quite a bit of refinement. Gao is definitely a medal favourite, but I find her kinda meh.
    Love Zijun Li, but I think she's not quite there yet compared to the above skaters. Top 5 is definitely possible though. Give her one more year and she'll be a real contender
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    Sotnikova .. usually #1 JGP standing ladies win
    Tuktamisheva .. makes one or two errors
    Shoji .. usually at least one Japanese on the podium
    Shelepen .. technically strong but weak in the PCS
    Gao .. nerve issues
    Li .. home advantages and home pressures
    Siraj .. weak technical contents
    Gong .. definitely

    Rogozine .. consistency with three 3axels should be enough
    Yan .. huge supports of the judges but not enough for filling the base values
    Messing .. in any orders, Americans will place 3rd to 5th
    Gorshkov .. usually Russians are favored in China but the lack of 3A won't help

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