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Chipeur was so stiff there was no future in his presentation improvement, at age 25.

Nadine, you admire jumpers but it takes a lot more than jumps to win and Skate Canada's objective should be more than giving jumpers their chances to jump internationally. They need to consider possible placements of Team Canada members, hopefully winning some medals but at least qualifying for more future spots for Canadian skaters. Chipeur did not fit the bill, as much as you adored him. Obviously, judges did not feel the same way you did, understandably, especially with him bombing in his big opportunity on the big stage.

Kevin, on the other hand, showed a lot of potential. He's more of a natural jumper than Chipeur, who muscled through everything. Though Kevin's presentation and other components were seriously lacking, he was young and in progress. Importantly he's not stiff like Chipeur. He could improve his presentation and he did, in a big way. And he is still in progress. With more international competitions, he'd likely improve his consistency, increasing both his TES and PCS.

The results speak for themselves. Chipeur bombed at the Olympics and Kevin proved himself to be the right delegate to Worlds. With Patrick's silver, Team Canada with Kevin in it earned 3 spots in Worlds this year.

We will have to agree to disagree. And, yes, I do admire jumpers, but there has to be more there to make me a fan. For one, Vaughn Chipeur is way more than a jumper. His bluesy number fit him like a glove last year, as did his speed, he could skate circles around Kevin in that department as well. Number two, he does not muscle his jumps, he's a natural, something Kevin isn't, and this coming from a big Kevin fan.

Anyhow, Vaughn has retired now, and I wish him well, as I do Kevin. It was a joy to watch Vaughn at the 2010 Olympics, where he earned his spot on the team. I will miss seeing his natural jumping ability and his flow & speed across the ice.

Here's hoping Kevin can one day jump as impressively as Vaughn, and also earn a spot to the next Olympics.


p.s. and your favorite, Patrick.