The trip to Beijing has extra meaning for Chan as well, because while he's of Chinese descent, he's never been there.

``I've been to all the other countries in Asia, which is ironic because I'm Chinese so I'm really excited to go,'' he said. ``I've been waiting for this for a long time.''

The two-time world silver medallist finished fifth at the Grand Prix final in 2007 and 2008. He didn't qualify for last season's event, sidelined by a calf injury that forced him to withdraw from the Rostelecom Cup (skaters need points from two Grand Prix events to qualify for the final).

He's excited to show off his newly acquired quad jump this week.

Since the mention of Chan seems to be a hot topic this season, causing more people to participate in Men's skating threads during the GP than the same threads on Ladies' skating at the same events, judging based on # of viewership and post counts - it begs to ask: Would Chan benefit from the event being held in China? Would the audience be more likely to support him because they know he is Chinese?

What's your take?