Alissa has now 5, count them 5, super skates in the international Grand Prix, why on earth does she have to prove herself a Worlds contender at non-international US Nats? If she wins this (possible) and 3rd place at US Nats, very sad.

It's the best Carolina I've seen since she beat out Kwan in 2004 Worlds.

Akiko was very good on all counts, but performance wise, she was not the Lady from Malaga.

Murikama just wouldn't get serious. All that bouncing gets tiresome after awhile.

Miki (not a big fan of mine) does not perform well, but she normally skates clean and can easily come from behind. Best jumper of all the Ladies in any comp.

Rachael is lucky that the Nats will decide whether she goes to Worlds. I could tell by the warm-up, she was not into it by skating first.