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Someone gets it!

But it's not just Flatt; you can put any other skater's name and the statement would still be valid. I'd even argue that it works in reverse, too: those who continually wax poetic about a particular skater. People who are annoyed are going to begin to find faults in said skater and point them out...and then for some, it can get extreme.

One thing though: I do have to disagree with the "uberfan" part- for example, I don't know of anyone who became a staunch Cohenhead or Slutskaya fanatic due to the actions of Kwaniacs. However, I do think that it enables those who are ALREADY uberfans of the rival skater to take their uberfandom to a whole new level.
Speak for yourself. I became very close to an uberfan of Inoue and Baldwin just that way.