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Patrick Chan's win without falls surely takes a lot of fun out of the fandom, eh? People are reduced to just grumbling about him being overscored, specifically in the P/E component, which actually comprises only about 10% of the total scores. What? No outcry about a 2-fall Oda beating the no-fall Kozuka? Or a 2-fall Takahashi placing higher than Verner and Amodio? Where is the disgust over the distinct possibility of a 2-fall winner of a major competition if Chan had bombed, withdrawn or never qualified to begin with?
No need to be so condescending...2-fall Oda did not beat no-fall Kozuka in the LP; Oda only finished above Kozuka overall because of his very strong SP. And 2-fall Daisuke finished dead last in the LP--Verner and Amodio both made the major mistake of popping their 3As in the SP, if you've forgotten, and that was what did them in.

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There was some solace in a brave judge giving just scores to Chan so I looked up the judges' marks - GOE(TES) + PCS in Mens FS:

.......Chan.......Kozuka.........Oda.......Verner. ....Amodio....Takahashi

J1..6+38.25....11+39.00...11+41.25....7+36.25...8+ 36.75...-3+39.50
J2..17+45.00...10+36.75....6+39.75....9+39.00....9 +32.75.....1+36.75
J3..11+44.00...7+37.00.....2+37.75.....5+36.75.... 11+36.25...0+42.50
J4..14+44.75...2+37.75.....5+39.25....10+35.75.... 2+38.75....2*+43.75
J5..22+41.75...9+41.50....13+41.00....12+35.75...9 +36.00....-5+42.25
J6..10+42.50...17+37.75....3+37.50...17+37.50....6 +36.00....-4+39.25
J7..16+42.75...9+40.00.....0+37.00....10+37.00.... 4+31.25.....2+43.75
J8..11+43.75...7+37.75.....4+41.25....8+35.50..... 4+34.50....-1+35.75
J9..17+45.50..16+42.75....7+39.00....7+39.75.....8 +35.00....-5+39.75

*Judge4 gave +3 GOE to Dai's ChSt1 which Dai himself is disappointed in.

The Honorable Judge Number One is obviously the Hero, whom I shall adress as a third person masculine. Truly out-of-corridor scores for Patrick. In fact, he's the only one to give the lowest marks in both TES and PCS to a single skater. Judge5 gave the highest TES to Patrick but not the highest PCS and he is generally generous to other skaters as well. Not our Judge1, who is stingy only with Patrick Chan.

Let's compare how Judge1 scored the no-fall champion and the last placed Florent Amodio. Patrick's PCS is only 1.5 points over Florent's but his GOEs by Judge1 is 2 points lower than Florent's! So he's scored lower than Florent net! And remember ChSt1, the step sequence deemed level 1 for everybody? The over 30 seconds of deep edged fast turns and flying all over the rink that Patrick did to bring his program to a climatic end? He got 1 GOE point for his effort from Judge1 whereas Florent recieved 2 points for all his posing, glaring and thrusting with great musicality.

There you go. Along with 8 corrupted colluding judges, there's one to be gleeful for. Some of you need to sacrifice more goats to get more hero judges like Judge1 so the system can be saved, or more importantly, Patrick Chan may be bannished.

Eta: Sorry. I tried to make neat figures but to no avail, even if they looked fine when I wrote them.
And I assume by the goat references, you were referring to me regarding Judge No. 1. When did I ever say he/she was fair? When I said that judge no. 1 "had balls," I meant in the Vanessa Riley* sense--i.e. completely going outside the corridor when judging and producing a completely bizarre result. I actually disagree with Judge no. 1 giving 7s to Patrick, especially in SS and TR--I have said this before and I will say again: no matter how much I disagree with Patrick's IN and PE marks, I admit that he deserves high 8s and/or 9s in SS and TR.

*I think Vanessa is a laugh riot, but the only times I've really agreed with her crazy marking was whenever Surya Bonaly was up on the chopping block. Fadeev wuzrobbed at 1989 Euros!