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Thanks for the links, but I've been watching Mao since she won Junior Worlds, I saw every competition she did. In 2007 I thought she started to pay attention to interpretation and her movements, but then she started to look boring and emotionless again. And I'm sorry but elgance goes together with musicality, even if a movement looks technically perfect but has nothing to do with music then it's not beautiful. Yu-Na Kim or Tessa Virtue are elegant because they feel how a movement is connected to music, they have the music in their head and heart. It's so obvious, to me, when I see them skate, that they want to express something.
Yeah, I think Mao doesn't listen to the music at all, she goes through her programmes just because she has to, that's the impression she gives me. And lately she really looks like she doesn't even enjoy performing, her expression is always so sad and tired. Even when she won worlds, last year, she looked so unhappy...she's starting to look a bit like Fumie, who's lost the joy to skate. That's so sad to watch...
You all sound so upset by what I'm saying, that's kind of funny. Thanks again for all the links, but that's just how I feel.
Have you seen this performance?

Correct me if I am wrong, but she keeps smiling through all the mistakes.