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Besides, P/T's PCS were too much overscored! I don't believe they can get so high scores in any other countries except home court,considering so many mistakes and so bad performance. The gap with S/S shouldn't have just been two scores!
Other than downgrading their solo jump content...their actual performance is actually very good compared than everyone else. If anything S/S's pink panther choreo and interpretation is in comparison to their SP. Thankfully the judges are more objective in comparison to my subjective opinions.

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Sorry for the back-to-back posts, but watching the JGPF and the GPF (right now on UniSports), it has been really striking to see how inelegant and lacking in carriage the Canadian pairs ladies are....Moore-Towers looks really rough and unrefined comparing her to Iliuschekina who skates right after. I wish Skate Canada would encourage more ballet training among their pairs. I've never been a fan of Dubè and Davison, but I've found myself missing them, because they are so much more polished than the teams currently competing.

Sui/Han are cute and charismatic, but I hope they work on their basic skating. Very impressive elements. But I get the feeling that it's a child skating out there, which isn't really all that enjoyable to me. Or even fair to the other teams, when you consider it.
Oh god no no no. I don't mind MT/M getting more refined (along with S/H)...but I can't stand ballet style clones. They should do ballet only if they think can pull that style off well. Otherwise we'll just get mismatched choreographies, skaters not having connections to music at all, etc.