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Like i said before give Mirai Rachael's competitive nerves and toughness and she's a future world champion.
But that's not the way it works in life.

Mao will be 21 in a couple of months. Right now it appears she was a better skater at 18 than she is now.
Joannie won an OBM at what 23 or 24? Unlike Mirai, Joannie did not finish as high as 4th at the Olympics when she was 16.

Alissa just had her best season. Who is to say Mirai won't reach her peak until she is 20 which would be 2014.

Different skaters develope and peak at different ages. I wouldn't be so hard on Mirai yet. She entered 4 events this season and medaled at three of them.I think an added jump at her first event of the season kept her from winning 4 medals in 4 events.

Many fans expected more from her but on the whole for an "off season" I think she did OK. She flubbed a spin at Natls or she would have been at Worlds.

I think her medal at 4CC was a positive way to end the season.

Let's hope she starts off next season healthy as opposed to entering it after having worn a cast on a broken foot for two months.