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Thread: Ballerina Speaks Out

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    Ballerina Speaks Out

    I came across this by chance and thought it might be of some interest.

    "Sugar Plum Fairy doesn’t want apology from critic who called her fat"

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    I viewed the video clip-she didn't look fat to me. And she was very gracious about the whole thing. Kudos to her, and raspberries to the critic.

    However, I didn't particularly admire the costume they had her in-it looked like it was from the closets of Christmas's Past.

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    I have no idea what that critic is talking about for the last whole paragraph of his review.

    "They’re among the few City Ballet principals who dance like adults, but without adult depth or complexity."

    Huh? Few NYC ballet principals dance like adults? What on Earth is he talking about?

    He doesn't discuss the dancing at all in his review. I can't tell whether Jenifer did well or looked sluggish or sharp or any of it.

    I can't imagine the New York City Ballet casting a dancer who was out of shape as the Sugar Plum Fairy.

    That 37-year-old mom looked so fit to me - it makes me feel so guilty. The whole walk home from work I was trying to convince myself I wasn't too tired for pilates. And I'm younger with no kids!

    I remember going to see the Paris Opera Ballet a few years go and their technical perfection was truly breathtaking. But it was bit weird to see the ladies all have exactly the same body. They looked like a row of tin soldiers. It was almost distracting. The Royal Ballet and the New York City ballet are different. I prefer them.

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    Not only is Ringer slendor, she is a fabulous dancer. If you enjoy ballet without a children's story, catch her doing "Emeralds" in the "Jewels" ballet. Emotionally great technically as well as mood setting.

    If however, you need a children's story or a tradgedy story, try ABT who also have good dancers.

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