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Wow I didnt realize Miki received that many points for GOE on her non jump elements. That is indeed absurd (and yes I did see her performance). It is clear the Japanese federation sees her as there #1 over Mao and trying to politik her with ridiculous scores. I guess they dont trust Mao totally again yet.

I guess I was being kind to Miki. She probably didnt deserve to win over Mao at all, all things considered.
Well maybe not by 8 points or so. But by 1-2 points is reasonable. Mao left a lot of points on the table. two footed 3A, no Lutzs, double salcow and no 3+2+2 combo. I think maybe JFS, let Miki win so it will give Mao motivation to ontinue to work on her jumps technique. Lets face it, Miki maybe not be the most talented one in term of non jump wise, but she sure work hard to be above average.