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It does look like Verner still has a quad. The tech people gave him credit for a full rotation of it and two judges gave him negative twos instead of threes so maybe he landed it and then slipped. I haven't seen the video of it yet but based on what previous -2's have meant I guessed that. It definitely seems like he wants to do it and I hope for his sake that he does it because of that fact.
I agree. Tomas has always seemed like one of those skaters who loves the quad. Sort of like how Dai attempted it all last season and even at the Olympics even though he hadn't landed it all fall in competition. I mean at Czech nats, he definitely didn't need the quad to win, but he went for it anyways. And at the GPF, if he had done his COR layout he very likely would have finished ahead of Dai there, but he tried to do the quad there too, tripled it, and then his jump layout was not that competitive. I'm sort of glad he hasn't delivered anything great yet because I think it means he's training to peak at Europeans. At the same time though, he's scored over 144 points for his FS at all of his competitions thus far this season, and that's huge for Tomas because it means he hasn't laid an egg with pop-itis like he has so many times in the past. It's funny, because he used to be a SP skater, but it seems like this season he's become a more of a FS skater! I'm excited for Euros, there are lots of strong men this season but at the same time the field is pretty wide open. Hoping Tomas and Michal kick some butt there!