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Thread: Where B&S on CBS The Early Show this week?

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    Question Where B&S on CBS The Early Show this week?

    I just caught a brief clip of B&S skating in Central Park in their new outfits on the CBS The Early Show interview with Brian B... I was not aware B&S were invited, nor shown... Did anyone just happen to catch this, if they were shown? If so, please tell me if you seen it..

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    Well, while we were in HHGregg shopping at some gosh awful hours this AM, I only saw Brian skate but I caught it in the middle of his skating and they never mentioned B&S. I would have liked to see them too! At any rate, maybe someone caught the entire thing today and will post here to let you know but to my knowledge, they only showed Brian. If they showed B&S, I will be upset that I missed them! Oh well. I will see them skate tomorrow along with J&D and the others for Ice Wars X. :D

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