Last saturday the national championship in Italy ended!
Here the results and a few comments (I was there):

Stefania Berton & Ondrej Hotarek were the only pair to show up since Nicole della Monica & Yannick Kokon whitdrew (think because of an injury but not sure).
Obviously stafania and Ondrej won with 161.82 with tw beautiful skates..just few mistakes but they improved a lot since last year even with the health problem stefania's had early this season.

Weak field this year...Faiella-Scali withdrew due to health problem for federica and Cappellini la Notte also weren't there because Luca has an injury on his knee.
The competition was won by Testa Mior followed by Guignard Fabbri and thirds were Alessandrini Vaturi (they came from a serious injury)

1st Samuel Contesti who easly won with 216.79...He finally did a clean short (really enjoyable!!) and had small mistakes in the long.

2nd was Paolo Bacchini with 195.70..problems wit the 3axel (doubled in the short and fall in the long) but two really nice programs!! In particular he has beautiful steps and his spins are to die for! (he is trained be Grutter)

3rd Fabio Mascarello...good skate from him.

1st Carolina Kostner...she won with a ner personal of 189.74. Same jumps layout of the grand prix. The short was perfect even better than the gp final and she was gorgeous! The long was pure poetry...I don't have words to describe how beutiful that program is. She skated freely (just two small mistakes: hand down on the first 3 salchow and step out on the second 2toe of the three jumps combiantion) and beautifully even though she was exausted after the final in Beijing!

2nd Valentina Marchei...she gained 163.28 (I think it's a personal best for her too) with two beuatiful skates (just a hard landing on her second 3lutz were she succeded to do at least a single toe not loosing point and a wrong edge on the 3flip). The short is really energetic and surprisely I liked the long (it didn't catch me on tv) She is at the top of the form this year! solid jumps and everything (her lutz is compared only with Sebastyen's).

3rd: Amelia ocean between her and valentina: 131,80...she has quality basics and nice jumps (no flip or lutz) but she isn't mature yet.