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Thread: Pairs SP

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    Thanks for the links. Baz / Lar should have been second ahead of Kaw / Smi, these two are grossly overmarked in PCS.

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    Very enjoyable competition. V/T were supreme and surely deserved to be more than 4 points ahead of K/S (who I would have had in third). B/L were really impressive, I thought after the grand prix final that they could be underpressure for the 3rd spot I/M but they were well clear.

    Dissapointing performance from I/M, they were gifted their marks, I would have had them behind (or at least closer to) M/B, I guess they wanted to keep things open for the 3rd european spot. Really impressed with the performances from G/E and S/K. Glad to see M/R still competing, she seems to have lost all confidence on her jumps, hopefully she gets thing back on track. They have a real star quality to them.

    On the whole a very high standard.

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