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Thread: men's results...

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    The was-robbed story of the event, without surprise, is Matt Savoie. Whle Goebel didn't have the jumps and fell a few times, Savoie had some flips out and minor errors, yet the marks are as followed:

    2 Timothy GOEBEL 131.86 58.96 72.90 7.40 7.15 7.10 7.40 7.40
    9 Matthew SAVOIE 117.00 54.00 63.00 6.35 6.10 6.30 6.40 6.35

    Conlusion: To get good scores in general, you have to attempt quads (note that it's not "land" quads) no matter how consistent they are. In fact, it doesn't really matter if your quad is non-existent at this point (ie. Jeff Buttle). And by attemptinng quads, you'll not only get good marks in TES, but also, for some reason that has yet to be interpreted, in TCS well (ie. Goebel and Savoie).

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    There does seem to be a difference between the men and the ladies, with respect to how they are adapting to the CoP. The men do seem to score much better when they attempt the hardest elements, even if they fail. But the ladies are scaling back, feeling that it is smarter to do easier elements, but with more attention to excellence.


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    Well, ya all know me. I think it is the judges who already have a good knowledge of each skater before the competition begins. They have a tendency, imo, to rate the skater albeit subjectively based on past performances. Savoie, for example, does step out of jumps so seeing this reinforces some of the judges to rate him accordingly and disregard his superb musicality, flow, and unique style. Tim, on the other hand, has demonstrated his ability to nail several kinds of quads in competition. Some of the judges (subjectively) see a fall as just a small flub and do not rate this fall in terms of the presentation, which is getting better each year. Sad, but this happens. I would love to see scores based on what the skater does without reference to any previous competitions (or practices).

    Figure Skating is a subjective sport.


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