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Thread: Ice Dance LP

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    Quote Originally Posted by treeloving View Post
    Just watched I/K program, in term of presentation I think this is the best they have done this season. The choreographer is brilliant, I feel like I watch bolshoi ballet on ice.
    It's beautiful. I'm not an expert in ice dancing, and can't get myself to be, but their artistry is really something. Her arms are so balletic, I love that program!

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    Quote Originally Posted by missysays View Post
    The more and more I watch R/T this season the more I enjoy their dances. The FD while they call it a Mexican Dance is more of a European version of a Habanera (Cuban Dance). I like it and the moments when they are in unison you can see their potential. They are a tall and sensual team. The only thing I didn't like was that she tends to muscle things- her upper body in twizzles, her positions in lifts. She needs to work on making things look effortless.

    But otherwise, I like how they're quietly growing into a really stylish team. I prefer them to B/S.

    B/S are a marvelously well-matched team in a physical sense. The proportions and match between their leg lines couldn't be better if you had created it through a mathematical formula. But the way they're being packaged has been a disappointment- they're dramatic but oddly bland at the same time. There's no spark there between the two of them. I think they need a different choreographer.
    Your assessment comes the closiest with mine. R/T have been the surprise of the russian squad for me this season. To be honest, I don't think I have watched them last year, when they were a brand new team.
    They literally improving from a competition to the next one, I find it very hard to believe they have been paired less than 2 years ago. Call it a good match or what!
    I think they will duel Bob/Sol very closely and if Bob/Sol will not start to get sharper and less sloppy, they will be passed.

    I/K while lovely presentation, they have to get their sleeves up and get down to business in the tech dept. Long way to go there. But it is all right for their first season on the senior tour, they should be developing in the shadow of some more seasoned teams like Bob/Sol and Ria/Tka.The hype was a bit exagerated, they could be good, but not as fast as people were expecting.

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    I have to admit that I really like Jana and Fedor's FD. The music has been stuck in my head all day. They (well, Fedor..) ARE technically inferior to some of the other teams, though. I think they placed around where they should have, although I didn't watch Gorshkova and Butikov's whole FD (tired of it).

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