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Thread: New Years Already?

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    New Years Already?

    I feel like I'm a week behind of the calendar. I feel like it should be Christmas, not the New Year coming up this weekend.

    What is everyone doing ot ring in 2011? My family plans fell through so I will be celebrating on my own in my house all by myself. Not looking forward to it, but at the same time I don't normally stay awake for midnight anyway

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    Stepping out for a New Year's party with friends. Plan to watch the Rose Parade tomorrow (I'm a bit of a "traitor" to my hometown - I just don't care for the Phildelphia Mummers' parade - not into string bands).

    There have been many New Year's Eves when I haven't been able to stay up until midnight, Toni. Therefore, a long nap is in order this afternoon!

    Happy, healthy New year to all!

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    Happy New Year, all!

    Usually my brother has a New Year's Eve family with some close friends and our extended family. However, this year they decided to cancel since they need to spend the money on 5 rt tickets for my SIL's high school reunion in the Phillippines. Between the tickets and all the gifts (she has over 20 nieces and nephews.), they didn't have money for party food.

    So, instead, my brother and I took the two oldest kids to their friends' parents place. I was a bit wary, but I had a nice time. Ended up playing poker from 12:15 am to 3am. Lost $20.

    I'm never asleep before midnight unless I don't feel well. I have to remind myself to go to bed by 1am on a weeknight. I'm usually anywhere from on time to 10 minutes late for work.

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    Happy New Year!
    My new year was great with fireworks and family dinners and snow but now I have a wisdom tooth coming out and if someone hasnt died from wisdom tooth pain it will be a first with me. I was directly thinking of you Tony and your wisdom story, for now I cant stay up for more than 5 minutes because I feel constantly like someone is punching me, only good thing is that they concider to give me 2 days off cause they cant stand me complaining.

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