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    US Nationals Predictions

    I realized that we did not have a prediction thread, so I am starting one! Please everyone, do pitch in with your wild predictions!


    1. Davis/White (of course.) - I do hope that they continue working on their FD. This would be their best chance to win the world title. However, I'm not sure if they can beat V/M with the FD at its current shape;

    2. Shibs - If they skate a clean SD, Shibs have a better chance of winning the second place than C/Z. I am impressed with how well Shibs managed their first Sr. season. It's ironic in that Shibs placed the 4th at the 2009 Jr. World. However, Shibs appeared to have managed the current season a lot better than the 2009 Jr. World medalists (I/K & P/I). Something to be said about not having high expectations/pressure. ;

    3. Chock/Zuerlein - their programs this year are stronger than the last years'; I just hope that they don't succumb to pressure as they appeared to have been at TEB;

    4. KRIENGKRAIRUT/GIULIETTI-SCHMITT - Though they only participated in one GP event (Skate America), I was impressed with their performance, especially with their FD;

    5. Hubbell/Hubbell - if Keifer's back still troubles him, CANNUSCIO/LORELLO may take over the fifth place.
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