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Abbott is not consistent; Rippon had a wonky GP; Mroz was consistent but one mistake and he is a goner. Bradley will entertain the audience (and the judges). The Newbies:; Mahmahboozadeh, Miner, Messing, Faris, Aaron, Dornbush. (Will any of them push someone off the podium)

How can anyone predict with this slippery sport? Better to just list your "hopes". Same for the Ladies

The Ladies: Alissa (has she found consistency?); Nagasu (not since the original Carmen has she done well); Flatt (fully recovered?); Wagner (good but eratic); Zhang (can she speed it up); Gilles (can she do 2 w/o errors?); Zawadski (Will she shake up the podium?).

Remember Personal Tastes are hopes - not predictions.
What "original Carmen" are you referring to? Mirai did great at nationals then at the Olympics. And then she had a great SP at worlds... so I'm kind of confused about your statement. Besides, she did fine at TEB, better than Alissa, anyway. I see her working out her weird spin issue - the only thing that kept her from snatching gold - by nationals. I hope anyway. As you say, ice is slippery.

The rest - good questions for all of these ladies. I'm expecting more from Gao than Gilles, though.