I think Brandom could win.
Not that I like his style neither his jumps (aesthetically saying) but I think Brandom could be a a factor this year. He has some consistency and I think he will hit every element.
But to win he depends on how Jeremy will skate the LP.
Jeremy has everything to win, but if he fail on te LP Mroz will rise to the ocasion.
About Adam I felt like this has been a stagnant season for him. I didn´t see technical improvement this year. Artistcally he is already great. I don´t know, but he seems to me like those great promises that is staying in the promise level and not developing to real successful level.
Armin for me is entering the promisse level. He is great and his LP is wow!!! Let´s see what he can do at nationals. Could grab a bronze.
Ryan's performence is pretty much unpredictable. I love his agressive/comic/crowd entertaining style and his jumps are just huge and fierce when he lands them. I agree with what someone posted here before about him. That he has to take this championship more seriously and stop being the "class clown". I really wanted to see him at worlds (also because of his age... Armim or Adam still have some more years to go to worlds).