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Thread: 9 Nights of Glory

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    9 Nights of Glory

    I've been watching the series and last night they showed Salt Lake
    City 2002. It didn't even mention the big BIG controversy between the Canadian and Russian Pairs skates. The double Gold medal that was given, and how fans were dumbfounded when the Russians, at first won. Wasn't this the controversy that started the New Judgeing System, the COP. So, I am wondering why the series didn't focus on that.

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    We haven't played back what we're taping all week, but Bud Greenspan tended to focus on many of the stories that were relatively "under the radar."

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    Yeah, what iluvtodd said. For example, you can see in the Nagano clip that was posted in another thread recently that the focus was more on Lu Chen's comeback than the big story of Lipinski/Kwan.
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