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Thread: Jump landings and under-rotation

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    Jump landings and under-rotation

    What are the actual mechanics of landing a jump? Is it something like this? The toe-pick touches down first, then you kind of slide the blade down so that by the time the blade is actually supporting your weight, you on an outflowing outside edge with your weight over the center of the blade?

    I am pretty sure I have read that for purposes of determining under-rotation, the rotation is called at the point when any part of the blade first touches the ice. It seems like you are going to rotate about 90 degrees between that point in time and the point in time when the blade is actually supporting your weight.

    If so, then every jump – the most perfect jump in the world -- will be “under-rotated” by ninety degrees or so. If you actually completed three full rotations in the air (for a triple) before first touch down, then you would complete the landing over-rotated with your blade sideways, which would cause a fall.

    Is this right?

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    I'd say that's very common for the hardest (most-rotational) jumps that a skater can do, and that that's the reason why there's a 90-degree allowance on the rotation before any official penalty.

    E.g., if I do single loop jump and I only get one inch off the ice, I'm not going to do a full 360 degrees of rotation in the air, or even 300-330 taking into account the curve of the entry and exit edges.

    But if you get a skater who jumps high and therefore stays in the air long enough to finish the one rotation (or two rotations for a double) and have time left over, they can start to open up and stop the rotation while they're still in the air and the blade will not still be rotating when it touches the ice.

    That same skater might still be rotating as you describe when landing a triple.

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    When I skated many moons ago, I would say my landing was geared to the ball of my foot as it would be in a dancer's tour jete and very quickly put down the heal. I had that feeling with the skating boots on as well. I never thought about landing on the toe pick. I probably did but in the proper spot on the toe pick which satisfied the ball of my foot.

    How the Tech people decide on an under rotation baffles me mostly because it doesn't hurt the flow of the performance. Falls, on the other hand do hurt the flow of the performance no matter how quickly a skater gets up. The penalties are vastly different.

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