I'm exhausted, seriously, I just sat through the Novice Mens FS, Novice Pairs SP, and Novice Pairs LP. It was GREAT though, but that's it I can't take anymore, will try to watch the Juniors tomorrow.

Here are some of my impressions:

Jack Newberry's coach looks just like him, is that his dad? (;^)

Lukas Kaugars continues to impress me with how he skates, or more specifically I'm astounded by the fact that he's built like Rockne Brubaker but skates like he's a ballerino! Actually in all honesty he reminds me of 2-time Olympic Gold Medalist Artur Dmitriev in body, build, and the way he skates. Lol, he even skated to the same piece of music that Artur & Natalia skated to in 1994 ~ Rachmaninov! He's passionate, jumps exactly in time with the music, has that John Curry flair, is elegant, and his inside-outside spread eagle is divine, like buttah. (;^) Anyhow, I still say his future is in PAIRS!

Jordan Moeller also skated to Rachmaninov, and it was interesting to see the contrasting style of him versus Lukas Kaugars. They're both GREAT, just different is all. Jordan looks & skates like a young Johnny Weir of yesteryear, whereas Lukas is like Artur Dmitriev on skates. (:^)

And of course Nathan Chen did good, young prodigy is right, I just have to get used to seeing a very young-looking 11 yr. old child surrounded by young men in their mid-teens. (:^)

Pairs is what I really enjoyed this evening!

I loooooooooove the young pair team of Audrey Goldberg (14 yrs. old) & Joseph Dolkiewicz (18 yrs. old), especially their SP to "The Race"! Also I enjoyed the first half of their FS to "Chicago", but it petered out at the end. They need more speed & power in their skating. But that aside, they remind me of a young G&G, especially during their star lift. And she honestly looks exactly like Sasha Cohen at that age (could be identical twins!). (8^O I always wished Sasha had gone into pairs, now I know what she would have looked like. (:^D

Chelsea Liu (11 yrs. old) & her partner Devin Perini (17 yrs. old) remind me of Audrey & Joseph in that the girl is tiny whereas the guy is all grown up, "gorilla & flea" effect, especially these two! YIKES! But that aside, they skated beautifully. I especially enjoyed their "Can Can" number. (:^) I honestly foresee a rivalry between these two pairs because the girl in each pair resembles a famous singles skater ~ Audrey = Sasha Cohen ~ and Chelsea = Naomi Nari Nam. And how can you forget that rivalry wherein each was coached by John Nicks...

Alexandra Shaughnessy (18 yrs. old) & James Morgan (19) have beautiful long classic lines, lovely to watch. (:^)

But it was Madeline Aaron & Max Settlage that took the prize, and deservedly so!!!! *two thumbs way up!* They are fast, powerful, skate with confidence & conviction, and are way ahead of everybody else imho. I especially loved the contrast between their two numbers ~ the first was skated exquisitely to the strains of "Claire de Lune" ~ whereas the second was magnificently skated to "The Nutcracker". Perfect perfect vehicle for these two! BRAVO!!!!!