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I also think that Vanessa and Paul are over rated. Not as much as some others, as they do have talent coming out of their fingernails, *but* they're not all that yet. I knew they'd win this and amazed the Judges kept it as close as they did as they are the Anointed Ones in Dance. I also believe that a great disservice was done to this team last season when not only was that fall on a required element not docked as much as it should have in the FS, but also got sent to Vancouver in spite of it.

You combine that w/all of the hype the Media has created around C/P and I'm worried about them. Yes, they're good, but they're still got a long way to go yet and...Sigh.

Kaitlyn and Andrew have the better programs, but they also perform the heck out of them. That's something Vanessa and Paul really don't have yet. W/P have a connection w/themselves and the audience and you get pulled in along w/them. This should have been their title.

Worlds should be rather interesting.
ITA entire post. Last year I was angry as heck that C & P were not docked much for the fall and were sent to Vancouver. I have feeling that W & P are the W & L of this generation.

Even watching the ceremony, the crowd is cleary behind W & P. Polite applause for C & P but it's the first time I've ever seen the crowd give complete support for the silver medallist.