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Thread: Senior Dance Free

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    Quote Originally Posted by colleen o'neill View Post
    skatingfan..ITA ...and now, I remember..That was the laughing incident ? I read it much as you did , so I thought the reference was something else.
    Yup, I believe that that is the incident which everyone is referring to (from the nationals free dance in 2007). It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who thought her reaction was appropriate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthernDancers View Post
    Actually, Tessa and Scott are the #1 Canadian team. Behind them are 2 very solid teams that almost always finish very close to one another, at home and internationally. It makes sense for SC to continue to promote Tessa and Scott most of all, and C/P and W/P equally. I think both teams will continue to improve and push each other. C/P may have won, but only because Tessa and Scott were not able to be there, and the margin of victory was 0.16 in the SD, and a point and change overall.
    And just to add to this comment, I think we need to put national results in perspective. The Shibs scores at the US championships this week were about 10 points more than C/P and W/P. That is a little more worrisome to me. For those who think C/P will be in the top 5 at Worlds, that will require some teams to be missing (like Tessa and Scott, and the Italians (F/S)). There are a lot of solid teams internationally. Both C/P and W/P are still very young teams, with tons of room to grow, and SC needs to promote both of them, and be careful not to over-hype either team at this point.

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    The Shibutanis have been thrilling me all season. They came out of the gate smooth , poised and fast, and they haven't let up. I don't think either W/P or C/P can trust that they'd place higher than S/S at 4CC . They have to be considered a podium threat.

    National scores can be the US and Canada .But even setting scores aside ,the Shibs' quality is plain for everyone to see.
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