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Yes, we're supposed to have the Free Dance and the Men's LP at 8:00PM ET. Of course, the CBC might decide to air only Chan's performance, chack the other male singles skaters and broadcast hockey instead. (Yes, I'm still bitter that we were shortchanged on the Men's SP. )
Oh for God's sake, can we stop the whining over HNIC "chacking" skating. You do realize that Victoria's in the far West and due to that, it's giving the CBC fits when it comes to showing events on the Main Network period!! Just as the same thing happened in 09 w/Worlds in LA, but people still complained the CBC should have showed the main stuff in the Eastern Time Zones in Prime Time. Gee, I didn't know the CBC had the power to speed up time, but many people seemed to think otherwise.

I'm going to say this again, and I'm going to try and make this as easy to understand as possible...

HNIC is the CBC Sports Dept main money maker. It's huge when it comes to revenue, ratings and sponsorship deals for the CBC. It's also live, which means if they'd decided to chack it for skating, not only would there be one heck of a howl heard across this country, but they also would have been in breach of contract w/the NHL. Believe me, they're not that stupid to do that. Not only that, but thanks to all of the Sponsorship money they get from HNIC, they use that to help pay for the contracts for their other sports coverage. Such as Figure Skating.

I realize not everyone can access Bold or the online coverage, but this time the CBC's hands are tied thanks to the location of Cdns being in our Western most city. There's only so much they really can do and they're doing the best they can.

Let me also remind you, we came damned close not that long ago to not having any skating coverage in Canada. We're lucky the CBC stepped up to the plate.

What really blows my mind though is that fellow Canadians of all people are complaing about hockey taking priority over Figure Skating. Of course it will, as it's our National Sport people.

I realized I more than likely just wasted bandwidth w/that, but thought I'd give it another go to try and bring some actual facts and common sense into this.