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who is Rosie Dimanno?
Not including Sawyer is the most stupid thing I read, his Lp is one of the best in the season, I wanna see it at Worlds!!
I dont get the intent of the article - if she is bashing Skate Canada for their selection thats fine ( I think its wrong as well -the 3rd place should be decided by who does better at 4C's IMHO ) BUT why bash Sawyers program - to call it crude is just plain ignorant and she should know better if she is writing in a major national newspaper . If she had done any research , she would know that in the past ( although not this year ) Sawyer did have some reasonable results internationally and that was when his jumps were still not great . I agree with her point that Skate Canada have wimped out by just sticking to the results from Nationals and that it is potentially a serious mistake , but this immportant point is lost because of the diatribe about Sean.

I also dont agree with her point about the depth of Canadian Men's figure skating - its always tough in a Post Olympic year but dont forget that another potentially outstanding skater, Jeremy Ten is out and Andrei R. just plain had a bad Nationals. Whereas Skate Canada can indeed be called out for their selection process , I think they have done a good job in bringing along youg skaters