Joey, Joubert was worse than Teb and his nationals, where did you see the improvement? This sp just doesnt work. I heard he is injured though.

Amodio has an awful sp and I cant concentrate due to his costume , I dont know how a leather Robocop costume is appropriate for this music...But he will sell his Lp and maybe win.
But Brezina grew up and he is very different than last season, he matured and his sp is very different and original, I like him so much. If he changes his Lp i will like him more!

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He's balancing athletics with a Master's thesis in Electrical Engineering and a part-time job, so I'd say he's doing okay considering that his training time is shorter than a lot of the skaters at this event.
really :D I didnt know that! And he is 28? I ll marry him!
Oh I wish he medaled once .he is so awesome!