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If the judging were perfect and by the book then you wouldnt be complaining about judging of a competition now would you. All the unoffiical rules that applied to skating judging in the past still do under COP. It is in fact easy to fudge GOE and PCS depending on who is in favor and who isnt.

And most people expect V/T to place above K/S at Worlds now so I am not sure what you are talking about as far as a lower level. It is not like K/S win alot of competitions in their career to date despite being a team for 5 years now.
If V/T have a meltdown at worlds and don't perform well, no - they won't medal in spite of being "Russia's #1" sorry to burst your bubble if that is how you feel competitions are run. If they want to medal they need to earn it. K/S have competed 28 times and brought home 22 medals in less than 4 1/2 years that is very impressive, far more impressive that Trankov or Volosozhar had with thier former partners in more than 8 years. V/T need to win more medals than one to have a track record like that. One nationals, one worlds (if they get one) is still only two, good but still only two, they need a few more pieces of hardware.

As far as the "corupt ISU judges" go, I think you spend most of your time on message boards allowing posters to fill your head with what judges do and don't do and I think you should sign up to be a judge so you get firmiliar with the actual process or at the very least read what is involved on their (ISU) website. It's a few hundred pages long but it's worth the read. I think you will be less

BTW: How many competitions did Trankov win when he was with Maria for 8 years?