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Thread: Brief article complaining about the temperature at the Euro's rink

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    Brief article complaining about the temperature at the Euro's rink

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    What could be the reason to seemingly froze the athletes and the audience.
    You can see their breath very clearly.
    All the spectators are rolled in blankets and everything only their nose is visible.
    Something we can call unacceptable.

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    I've just got home from Bern...I got feeling back in my feet after 1 hour in the train

    I have been to quite a few skating championships in Lausanne, Lyon, Paris, Goteburg,...

    I have NEVER been this cold! we are talking freezing temperatures... apparently the arena was checked by the ISU in may... no comment!

    But quite funny to see all the skaters wearing their jackets for the warm-up, many skating in glove, Yuka K doing her warm-up in leg warmers and 3 (unmatching colours, red and purple) layers over her dress...
    Aliona was wearing black trousers overs her pinkie...

    Never have I seen so many layers in warm-ups, and skaters blowing their hands seconds before their music starts..
    Am really disappointed in the organisation.

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