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Thanks sooooo much herro!!!!!

Caroline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well, not great. BUT, I'm thinking she really is on her way back; she just needs more time. She is gutsy to keep going and she is looking to be in good shape. I think this could bode very well for her; buckle down and fix stuff starting now, and next season, I bet we see a very different CZ.

I agree. I thought her speed improved and there was improvement on her jump technique. Beautiful spin with the pearl at the end.

For the sake of her confidence, I wish she had not competed this year. You could tell that she really wanted a good free skate after her short program and some of her energy deflated. It's tough to compete in an environement where you were on top and then have fallen. I think a post Olympic year is the perfect year for a 'vet' who needed to address a lot of technique issues to go off radar for one season. Oh, well - I hope she realizes that she's got a lot of support and that she's improved, regardless of her placement.

There's something about Caroline that just draws me in. In many ways, she's similar to Alyssa - both beautiful, flexible and wonderful spinners with jump issues. So, Caroline, keep in working because Alyssa is, too.