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That's correct. So far the Committee has never taken an active role in pushing one skater ahead of another.
And that's my problem with them, they should. Otherwise why have a Committee? While the non-decision-making that occurs in World Teams selection is the most obvious example, generally (in the 20 years I've been a member), USFS management and governance has always struck me as a collectively weak bunch, incapable of stepping up to the plate and making hard decisions even when their own bylaws allow for this. Especially when there may be some controversy involved and they might have to take some hits for their decisions.

As a manager that sometimes has to make judgment calls based on what's best for the situation as a whole--regardless of needs of individuals and with full knowledge that the decision isn't going to be universally acceptable--I don't have a lot of respect for the way USFS does the team selections. IMO, there are definitely some mistakes in the composition of these teams, more so this year than in other recent years.